Meet Our Founder

Rachna Kumar- CEO & Lead Designer of Gold Spark Designs

Growing up, Rachna’s inquisitiveness was satiated by both art & science. She excelled at school, earned a B.S. in Biology, and sought to work in Healthcare, however, the universe had other plans. Instead, circumstances led her to use her academic knowledge as a full-time caretaker for her ailing family.

Twelve years later, Rachna continues to rely on her love of art as her constant comfort through difficult daily circumstances. Finding solace in the arts, her creative path has included successful businesses in henna, custom confections, & commissioned art. Her enduring goal has always been to stay presently positive for her family, and more importantly, for herself.

With Gold Spark Designs, Rachna strives to merge the joy & positivity she experiences from her art to unique & meaningful gifts for your loved ones. Her own path has shown that even ordinary items can encourage & inspire luminous steps forward.

"When you spend time making something with your hands, you impart it with light in a way that leaves a lasting impact. Our most valuable gifts are meant to be shared and the fact that I can share my gifts with you is the most exciting, humbling, and luminous experience. Because of you, my path has been illuminated with the sparks of constant inspiration and encouragement. I hope my work will reciprocate the same to you and your loved ones!"