Gold Spark Designs Offers

Gold Spark Designs is an online boutique featuring original artwork on creative merchandise. 

 We know that shopping for loved ones has become a time-consuming, stressful and uninspired year-round chore.

Our goal is to bring back the joy and ease in finding thoughtful unique gifts. Our independent artist brings her hand-drawn artwork and original, one-of-a-kind designs to clothing, accessories, and décor.

 We’re confident that you’ll find the perfect creative gift ensuring you and your loved ones feel unique, special, and inspired.


 Does Gold Spark Designs have a retail store?

For now, we do not have a retail store. Selling directly through our online shop & drop-shipping items to you enables us to keep our overhead costs down as well as keep our prices mindful and affordable. We like to think that having the online shop brings together the best of both worlds - keeping our focus honed on creating and designing new products whilst reaching millions of amazing people like you! 

Do you make your products in-house?

All of our designs are original, one-of-a-kind, and hand-drawn in-house by our Lead Designer and CEO, Rachna Kumar. New designs and collections are added to our shop each month. We do not do our own manufacturing. We partner with great manufacturers and printers for each of our products. To ensure the best quality, time, and accessibility we drop-ship our items via our Florida and California print partners.


 Gold Spark Designs, LLC. is a small, independent, woman-owned, business established in 2018 by Rachna Kumar.

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